If you are currently turning away business due to large or complex merchant accounts, we can help. Risk Payments offers an aggressive merchant acceptance policy, high revenue share over actual interchange and lifetime residuals. Earn additional revenue by becoming a partner today.

Partner Benefits

  • Ability to handle extremely large and complex merchants
  • Specialized, dedicated Underwriting & Risk team
  • In-house, high performance payment gateway
  • Frictionless online application to board merchants quickly
  • Payment Facilitation and Payment Facilitator Sponsorship and support
  • Embedded, optional Risk Management solutions

Exclusive Features

  • Comprehensive reporting for sales partners and merchants
  • Automated Account Updater to reduce credit card declines
  • Principal member of UnionPay International
  • Over 80 currencies and cross-border acquiring solutions
  • Secure card storage with Tokenization
  • Mobile SDKs, in-app payments and hosted payment pages

Work with a dedicated Partner Manager to get your applications approved quickly and your merchants processing fast.

Become A Partner

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Join Risk Payments as an Authorized Reseller

To learn more about our Agent and ISO program,
contact us online or call 480 745 7500

  • What type of agreements do you offer?

    We offer Non-Exclusive and Exclusive agreements, you choose what is best for you.

  • What is your cost model?

    Interchange based cost structure without pads or base fees.

  • How long will I be paid?

    Your commissions last as long as your customers process with us.

  • Do you support private branding?

    Yes, at no cost.